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Website: www.grimvision.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/grimvisionhh

Grim Vision was founded in Summer 2013 in Hamburg/Germany. Claus, Dom, Max and Björn came together to play a furious mix of Hardcore, Death Metal and Black Metal. As being active in various bands (Gentlemens Sports, Bricktop, Suckapunch, Obyra, Back In Time) for many years, they started with the rehearsals full of enthusiasm. In early 2014 Grim Vison entered “48 Volt Studios” to record their first EP. „With those who favor fire” is set for a release in September 2014 via Bastardized Recordings. The band is currently working on shows for a constant live appearance in support of their first release.

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Vocals - BIBO
Bass - MAX
Guitar - CLAUS

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Title: With Those Who Favor Fire
Cat.-No.: BE083
Releasedate: 2014-09-12

01. Armageddon 3:39
02. Poison Tree 1:49
03. The March 2:45
04. Murder 3:20
Digital Bonustracks
05. Dark Lord 2:07
06. Fire And Ice 1:50

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