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Early 2015 I Am Noah was founded by the former band Chimalba. In March 2015 the debut „The Verdict“ was recorded and produced in cooperation with Aljoscha Sieg (Pitchback Studios) and David Beule (VITJA), containing ambient metalcore with well-versed riffings and hard breakdowns. The lyrics deal constantly with the critical perspective of Noah, a fictional person who wants to hold up a mirror to our cruel society. In spring 2016 „The Verdict“ will be released via Bastardized Recordings. I Am Noah and I’m tired. I’m tired of people who distinguish themselves with their income, uniform, skincolour, religion, gender or nationality to affect everything and everyone. I’m tired of being closely watched. I’m tired of living in a society, which dictates who to be or not. I’m tired of facing people’s failure in their attempt of making life better, whilst being deported and called illegal or haunted just because of their religion. I’m tired.. I’m done. I just wanna abscond from this routine. Who’s in? I Am Noah. Who are you?

Artist Member

Sören Frechen – Vocals
Tim Schwenk – Lead Guitar
Daniel Zehren – Rhythm Guitar
Marius Greif – Drums
René Breinbauer – Bass

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Title: The Verdict
Cat.-No.: BE097
Releasedate: 2016-05-13

01. Defendant
02. Rise Of Mankind
03. Embrace The End
04. The Verdict
05. If Life Could Be The Answer
06. Unlearned
07. Deafblind
08. What Is Dead May Never Die (feat. Dennis Fries)
09. Drowned
10. One Man Wolfpack
11. Hourglass
12. Conquer The Thrones

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